The Girls Behind Milagros

Damaris makes the most of her day. She’s up at 5:00 AM, helps the little ones get ready for their day and is on to breakfast by 6:30.Damaris works as a sewer In the Milagros Workshops.
In addition to the accessories,  she loves making skirts, dresses and most recently a black vest! Damaris looks forward to the weekends where she can watch her favorite cartoons and movies. She hopes to become a lawyer because she likes the law and appreciates a good debate!
Brenda is a recent addition to the Casa Hogar and the Milagros Workshops. She works in the Jewelry room and her specialty is the Julia necklace.
Brenda takes great pride in the finished products ready to be sold. Her favorite class is science where she loves to learn about the human body and how the heart functions. Brenda dreams of being a business woman and helping others. She is proud to help the Casa Hogar through her work in with Milagros.
Ayly loves to work with kids and wants to be a teacher. She enjoys teaching the little ones to draw.
Ayly works in the sewing room and enjoys the process of learning to make new things.  Her favorite hobbies are drawing and playing soccer. In her spare time, Ayly likes to hang out and mentor her 7 year-old buddy Marlyni.
Erica has lived at Casa Hogar for five years and her dream is to one day become a teacher. She loves the spontaneity and joy of young children. Erica knows it takes patience to teach new skills and work with others. Her role as a leader in the sewing room provides an opportunity to gain greater experience as a teacher.
Erica helps instruct the newer girls in the program as well as troubleshooting design techniques.  Her contributions in designing the Trades of Hope Sucy bag were invaluable. For Erica, the best part of living at Casa Hogar is the loving care she receives from the Sisters and her friends.
Josselin came to Casa Hogar to further her education. She is a serious student who has the respect of her peers. Josselin joined the sewing workshop in early 2015 and is committed to hard work. She is known for her sense of humor which she shares with the Sisters and the the other girls.
Her responsibilities at the Home include being a buddy to two-year old Maria. Her day starts early with waking her up and caring for her throughout  the day. Josselin’s  dream is to become doctor.
Lorena has been at the Home for six years and has worked in the jewelry room for four of them. She is in her last year of high school and hopes to start her own business to further her education. Her goal is to study psychology and work with people who have histories of trauma.
Lorena is a hard worker and a leader in the jewelry workshop. She is often called upon to oversee production and help meet shipping deadlines. Lorena is in the final stages of designing a new necklace which will makes its debut in the 2016 Milagros spring collection.