The Gracia Entrepreneur Training Program

Our mission at Gracia goes beyond teaching the artisan skills of making jewelry and accessories.  We believe women should be financially independent and able to earn income throughout their lives.
The Mujeres Fuertes Being Interviewed at the New World Craft Show
La Antigua, Guatemala, 2016

Gracia's Mission

Gracia’s Mission is to economically empower young women in Guatemala.

Economic empowerment is more than a paycheck.

it means young women can earn income and have the confidence and independence to make financial decisions.

The Workshop

In the Milagros Workshop,  the young women begin to gain self-assurance and realize their potential.  They begin to see and recognize themselves as strong women (mujeres fuertes).  And today, they are proud to be known as Las Mujeres Fuertes!

Throughout the G.E.T. program, participants gain the much needed skills to become economically empowered. Gracia integrates three distinct components into its G.E.T. Program: The G.E.T. Curriculum, the Milagros Workshop and Las Mujeres Fuertes.
Comparing notes in the G.E.T. classroom
Creating products for the Milagros Accessories line
The G.E.T. Curriculum delivered in the classroom teaches entrepreneur skills along with financial education and literacy. In the training, business principles and concepts are discussed using the practical examples drawn from the day-to-day operations of Milagros.

The young women of Mujeres Fuertes are led, individually and as a group, through problem solving exercises and critical thinking scenarios. The G.E.T. Curriculum is the backbone of our program.
Our Milagros Workshop is the hands-on “lab” for the G.E.T. Curriculum.  The Workshop is a commercial workroom producing Milagros handcrafted jewelry and accessories that are sold in Guatemala and the U.S.

For the Mujeres Fuertes, Milagros’ revenues provide jobs with fair wages, benefits and their own income stream. In addition, revenues from the business are the first dependable income stream for the Casa Hogar.
  Las Mujeres Fuertes, Jalapa, Guatemala, 2017
For the Mujeres Fuertes, G.E.T. offers a safe environment to build confidence and work through their personal challenges. It is here they learn to support one another and work as a team.

The Mujeres Fuertes are  guided, mentored, challenged and encouraged to take on leadership responsibilities with the help of Gracia staff. All  components of the G.E.T. program help develop the self-awareness and assurance needed to transition into the world as mujeres fuertes.