Milagros Jewelry

Milagros jewelry is meant to be worn in layers, stacked or singly. Each handcrafted design is unique. Milagros combines leather, semi-precious stones and fine silver (.999) into designs that transition easily, dressed up or down, and worn day or night.

Why Milagros?

Milagros are charms commonly found in Central and South America thought to bring protection and good luck to those who carry them. They often take the form of something related to their purpose—animals for livestock or fertility, various body parts for illnesses, hearts to represent love.
The jewelry created by the young women at Marta y Maria, Casa Hogar, in Jalapa, Guatemala is all handcrafted, including the charms themselves.
Each piece features a tag with the fingerprint of the girl who made it; these fingerprint milagros represent the individuality of each life improved by your support. We hope that these charms can do the same for you.