The Way We Work
Gracia Listens
Gracia Trains
Gracia Creates Opportunities
Many girls pursue degrees in teaching or in basic business administration but those positions are virtually non-existent. By listening to their needs and focusing on their aspirations, Gracia structures its Entrepreneur Training program enabling women to achieve success.
Gracia trains a group of 20 young women, ages 16 – 21, to make quality, handcrafted jewelry and accessories. 
Our curriculum trains the girls to manage the logistics, inventory, marketing and sale of Milagros products. These are transportable skills that will serve them in many areas of employment.
Gracia is not a charity; we provide opportunities for young women to create change for themselves. Each job creates potential economic advancement that impacts the girls, their families and their communities.

Gracia Partners with The Casa Hogar

The Casa Hogar is a home for abused, orphaned and indigent girls and young women in Jalapa, Guatemala. Approximately 110 young women from 2 to 21 years old live at the Home.

The Home ensures the girls receive loving care, training, guidance, and a traditional education while Gracia provides the business and skills training. For more information about Casa Hogar you can view this video about the important work being done there.