Bridge the Gap: A Fund-Racer!

What is it?

Bridge the Gap is a fundraiser challenging you to complete a virtual “marathon” of exercise, spread over 2 weeks, to support Gracia and its Mujeres Fuertes (“Strong Women”).

The marathon is NOT limited to running!  Almost anyone can participate – everything from aerobic dance, to jumping rope, to weightlifting can all count toward your miles!

It’s really easy, you install the Racery App and load your activities as you go. Tracking your progress against other racers & seeing messages from our team in Guatemala is FUN!

The virtual course is set in Jalapa, Guatemala where Gracia works.

Why ‘Bridge the Gap’?

COVID-19 has hit everyone hard, and Gracia is no different.

In a year when donations and sales are lagging, Gracia is left with a gap between the funds raised for the Gracia Entrepreneur Training (“GET”) program and its actual costs.

All revenues raised during this event will ‘Bridge the Gap’ between cash on hand and the cost of the GET program

Click below to learn how the GET program is helping young women lift themselves from poverty:

Please stand with Gracia
Help us Bridge the Gap!
 Thank you!

Race URL:

Race Details:


• October 18 – October 31, 2020


• Registration Fee: $40/racer

• Student Registration Fee: $25/racer

All participants will receive a Medalla de Milagros. Our medal is Milagros signature and trademark: the pure silver fingerprint of one of our Mujeres Fuertes. The charm comes ready to attach to your own chain or bracelet.

Other Options:

1) Registration Fee + $35 Donation ($75.00 Total):

Participants will receive a Medalla de Milagros and a pair of Colgantitos Corazones to keep or gift.

2) Registration Fee + $60 donation ($100.00 Total):

Participants will receive a Medalla de Milagros and a Niña 6mm sterling silver bracelet to keep or gift.


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