English Classes Are Coming to the Milagros Workshops!

While Trades of Hope visited the Milagros Workshops last May, they saw the need for the girls to learn English. It is most important for the Milagros team to be proficient in English as many of their distributors are based in the States.

The girls had been taking informal English classes led by volunteer, Kala Larson. Seeing the enthusiasm for the classes, Kala wrote a formal proposal to Trades of Hope for potential funding. To our great delight, we have been given a Gift of Hope to underwrite the costs of English classes. Kala will lead classes at Casa Hogar and via Skype twice a week. Along with basic conversational English, Kala will emphasize vocabulary specific to their business needs.

Like Gracia, Trades of Hope believes and commits itself to empowering women.

We can’t thank both Kala and Trades of Hope for providing this needed opportunity!

Photo: Kala Larson leading English classes in the Milagros Workshops

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