Enthusiastic Start to the Gracia Entrepreneur Training (G.E.T.)

Seven young women began Module I, Entrepreneurial Overview, on Monday, February 29, 2016. This took place in a conference room at the Puente Viejo Hotel. Prior to beginning the training, the G.E.T. team were evaluated to measure their basic understanding of business practices and structures. Measurements are required for evaluating the effectiveness of our program.

The training lasted one full week and covered everything from dress code to abstract thinking and problem solving. For many, it was an emotional and challenging moment. This was the first time they had considered what life might offer after they move on from the Casa Hogar.

Gracia wrapped up the week by reviewing the costs of doing business and began preparation for Module II, Product Development and the Cost of Doing Business. Follow up includes weekly Skype meetings to review and troubleshoot problems, along with English classes for business.  Gracia is proud to bring this program to the Milagros Workshops. Our next module will begin the second week of June.

Gracia thanks its Program Director, Donna Larson, for her hard work and leadership for the G.E.T. program.

Photo: G.E.T. Team- First Day of Training, February 29, 2016

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