Gracia’s Work in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala

Gracia's Work in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala


In the last decade, climate change has been a major cause of drought in Guatemala and other Central American countries. The increase of extreme weather events has made the situation even more difficult for people in the area called the ‘Dry Corridor’. Many rural communities are living in extreme poverty and face starvation due to their reliance on agriculture for their livelihoods. Little to no foreign aid is directed to this area. Many decide to leave the area to look for better opportunities. It is here where Gracia works and where many of the young women come from.

Gracia believes that no human is illegal and no one should have to flee their home in search of work. For the past five years, the Milagros Workroom has provided living wage jobs to young women in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala. These stable jobs have given our girls the opportunity to stay with and provide for their families.

Our impactful work is made possible due to the continued support of our donors. Gracia thanks you for your dedication to helping us with our mission and providing jobs where it matters most.

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