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The Workroom


In the Milagros Workroom, our young women gain self-assurance and start to realize their full potential. Here, they no longer live on the margins of society; instead, they are recognized as professional women.

Independently they make important decisions surrounding production and conflict resolution. They work directly with product development teams. They are responsible for all workroom operating costs. These are not trivial decisions, they have direct impact Milagros’ bottom line.

Accessories of Change

Milagros jewelry is made by hand in Guatemala. Each piece is truly unique; all carry the fingerprint of the young woman who made it. The Fingerprint represents each life improved with your purchase. Milagros, Jewelry by Gracia, features bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and Milagros (charms). All sales revenues are reinvested in Gracia’s program, funding salaries, workroom operating expenses, and creating income for Casa Hogar.

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Milagros designs integrate the traditional with the contemporary. Every piece is created by an artisan in the Milagros Workroom. They are created individually, crafted in silver, without casting; stamps and molds are not used.

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The jewelry crafted by the artisans of the Milagros Workroom are made from pure silver giving them brilliance. Uncoated, vegetable dyed leather, sterling silver findings, and semi precious stones are also used. Milagros jewelry is meant to be worn in layers, stacked or singly. Each handcrafted design is unique.

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Milagros designs transition easily, dressed up or down, worn day or night. Each piece of Milagros jewelry features our signature, the Fingerprint. These fingerprints represent the individuality of each life improved by your generous support.

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