Emili Fabian

Emili is a Guatemalan woman who began as an Apprentice in the GET program, and continued on as a Mujer Fuerte in the Milagros Workroom. During her time in the Workroom, Emili held various leadership positions, including acting as COO during the challenges of the Pandemic.

Emili is a talented athlete whose favorite sport is fútbol/soccer. Every weekend, you can find Emili on the pitch, playing on one of the few organized teams for women.

As a Guatemalan woman, Emili understands well the challenges for women in Guatemala.

This combined with her innate leadership capability and talent for fútbol make Emili a natural choice to head the ¡Adelante! Program.

When Emili isn’t leading fútbol drills for the Chicas Valientes or in the Milagros Workroom, you might find her knitting, taking care of her two cats, or even kicking a “balón de fútbol” around with some of her team mates.