A Visit to UNICEF

Pictured: NOVICA National Representative, Diego Chacón, UNICEF Communications Officer, Pilar Escudero, Gracia Executive Director, Clare Johnston Kunkel, and Gracia Board Member, Charles Harris

On Thursday, February 21, 2019, Gracia Executive Director, Clare Kunkel and Board
Member, Charles Harris, visited the UNICEF Office in Guatemala City. UNICEF Communications Officer, Pilar Escudero, first learned of Gracia’s work through Diego
Chacón, of NOVICA. On Diego’s recommendation, she and her team made their first visit to see the Milagros Workroom in October. There, the group met Las Mujeres Fuertes and saw for themselves how challenging it is to run the business of Milagros. We are proud to say that our products are now featured in the UNICEF catalogue. The meeting was an opportunity for UNICEF to learn more about Gracia and how our
program works. UNICEF works throughout Guatemala and understands how little foreign aid is directed to Jalapa. They understand the importance of Gracia’s work in bringing jobs to an underserved area of Guatemala. UNICEF is planning a site visit in June to gain a deeper understanding of our program and its impact on Las Mujeres Fuertes and the Casa Hogar. We look forward to their visit and developing opportunities for future collaboration.

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  1. Clare, Madre Claudia, and Las Mujeres Fuertes: Congratulations on getting the Milagros jewelry featured in the UNICEF catalogue! Great team effort-keep up the great work!
    pat S at Light a Single Candle

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